What’s the purpose?
It helps organizations elaborating a response to environmental drivers in their own context by exploring how the system works and by creating narratives to engage the stakeholders. From there, we provide assistance to manage open innovation projects (often with the support of public funds) for demonstrating “integrated management” solutions.

What problem does it solve?

Organizations need to make sure that they keep track of the issues at stake with circular economy and that they develop innovation projects that provide value not only for themselves but also their stakeholder and the protection of the environment.

Why should you care?
Adaption to environmental change opens the door for new services of general interest and “green” products. This has to be viewed in conjunction of other drivers for change such as urbanization and digital transformation. Taking the lead on these matters calls for agility and learning. This works better if supported by an independent environmental expertise and a dedicated system-thinking capacity.

Here under you will find a few slides with additional information about the concept