Intelligence, system thinking and project development on environmental stakes




The value proposition 
Understand how to interact successfully with environmental issues in a specific context and learn how to develop open-innovation solutions with the support of EU funding programs.
Core services
  • EU environmental policy scanning (regulatory risks, stakeholders mapping, experts groups, scientific reports, etc)
  • Providing evidences for evaluation and planning purposes (content aggregation and validation, SWOT, multicriteria assessment, modeling tools, scenarios testing,  etc)
  • Proposal writing in the framework of EU funding programs (LIFE+, EuropAid, Horizon 2020, Eureka)
  • Assistance to the management of EU funded projects (monitoring, reporting, and dissemination) 
What makes it different ? 
  • It combines intelligence gathering and system thinking tools.
  • It implements an iterative approach for scoping the issue and validating the information.
  • It focuses on the interactions between involved expertises rather than on a specialized knowledge.
  • It carries out a sort of reverse lobbying on the European scene.
Why should you care? 
Sustainable Development is not only a major driver for innovation in every business sector but also a rule change factor in societal organization. Most of this will happen through the adoption of new legislation and enhanced stakeholders expectations. 

The Sustainable Synergies Group: Introduction (2)